Set Up Your Rider’s


Reach Prospects Even When You Are Not Available!

A sample of the Instant Listing Info! Rider is shown below. The Rider’s are white corrugated vinyl. You can purchase these Rider’s from My Listing Talks, or you can have your printer download the art work from our website so you can have them printed locally. It takes approximately 5-7 business days to receive your new Rider’s from the date you order them.

Sample Rider – 6″ x 24″ or 6″ x 18″:

Attach your Instant Listing Info! Rider to your existing For Sale/Lease signs. When your prospective buyer sees the For Sale/Lease sign on your listings property with our Rider attached they simply call 512-400-HOME and enter the PIN # ____ and the Listing # ____ displayed on the Rider. Your prospect can then listen to your recorded message showcasing the homes features.

After the caller listens to your “Listing Description” they are given options to press:

  • Enter another listing number, or…
  • Press 0, followed by the # sign – to leave agent a voice mail
  • Press * – to hear this listing again

The caller ID information is captured along with the listing they listened to. The call is time and date stamped so you know exactly when they called. The information is sent via email to the listing agent for prompt follow up. If you have internet access you can also access this information directly from your “My Portal” page.

Listen to a Demo!

Dial 1-512-400-HOME (4663) Pin # 9999, Listing # 1, to hear a “Listing That Talks”.